Kylie Page is as fresh faced as they come; a super-chill chick from Oklahoma with girl-next-door beauty, a big juicy booty, and a lust to slam cock like it's her civic duty! Originally hailing from Tulsa, Kylie is a born and bred "It Girl" who is always on top of the hottest fashions, newest trends, and now, the hardest dicks in the world. What makes Kylie all the more special is her dedication to being real, and that doesn't just mean her natural 32EE tits. One look at her online presence and it's easy to see that - whether she's live-streaming a chat to her friends and fam, or taking candid snaps of her raucous nights out at the club - Kylie Page is always herself, and will never apologize for it. That confidence speaks volumes of her success in the porn industry. With her absolutely gorgeous homegrown look, it's easy to see why she's done so well since making the move from model / camgirl to full-on hardcore queen. Always happy to chat about her newest scenes, or just about her life's passions like travel and great coffee, Kylie Page is a gem in the business who is sure to become a true treasure.
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