Lana Rhoades is a genuine slut. So when she proudly boasts online that "My horny has no chill!" you know she means it. Raised in a conservative religious household, this country gal was brought up on the outskirts of Wisconsin, filling her days with gymnastics and cheerleading practice while secretly trying to stifle her ravenous sexual urges. Luckily, she was unsuccessful. After a quick stint stripping in Chicago, Lana moved to L.A. and finally realized her lifelong dream of getting fucked for a living. Blessed with piercing icy-blue eyes, stunning 34D tits, and a bouncy big ass that craves a hard dick, Lana does not mince words when it comes to sex. In fact, this little nympho spends much of her free time online, candidly revealing just how much she loves licking, fingering, and generally worshiping big juicy butts. And that's just one of Lana's many kinks! Outside of porn, however, this innocent-seeming seductress calls herself "boring". But even though she prefers cleaning, baking cupcakes, and watching superhero movies to partying all night, the near-virginal Lana Rhoades remains the industry's hottest up-and-coming commodity. And unquestionably it's horniest performer.
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