Latina bombshell Bridgette B calls herself the "Spanish Doll," and for good reason: with her statuesque 5'9" form and giant 34DDD tits, this Barcelona-born busty beauty is like a walking Barbie doll! But the Spanish Doll of porn didn't always know that she was born for adult industry greatness. In fact, Bridgette even tried the traditional route, getting a masters degree and pursuing regular nine to five work. It was only after she got fired from her first job from dressing too sexy, her second job for bringing a vibrator into work, and her third job for masturbating while she was on the clock that she finally got the hint and made sex her full-time occupation. That was back in 2008, and now this lusty Latina is one of the hottest pieces of ass on the internet! So check out one of her scenes now to get a load of how they do it in Barcelona!
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