Kaho Kasumi is yet another Japanese pornstar proving that there is way more to Japanese porn than just creepy schoolgirls moaning like their cunt is on fire. Kaho is an incredibly sexy woman. In her thirties now and still going strong as ever in the Japanese porn biz. Kaho has the tits that dreams are made of. An ass that was likely sculpted by some kinky god and a pussy worth its weight in gold.
Kaho Kasumi has starred in some of the best Japanese porn in recent years. However, some of my favourite porn work from this mistress of porn has got to be her bondage work. Unlike many other pornstars who have bondage porn thurst upon them when their porn scene offers are drying up from other porn studios, it appears that Kaho actively wanted to be a bondage pornstar. She pushed to become a bondage pornstar, perhaps to break out of the schoolgirl mould she was once in. Whatever the reason, she is now firmly in the bondage scene and seems to be loving every minute of it.

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