Go-go babe, college student, model, call center agent, stripper, Spanish teacher, writer--South American beauty Luna Corazon has lived a thousand sexy lives in her short time on earth! Professionally trained in acting, singing, and dancing, this mixed Brazilian and African stunner is an unstoppable new force on the scene who has quickly endeared herself to fans with her sweet, down-to-earth personality, and her nearly unprecedented dedication to bringing pleasure to the horny masses.Raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, lovely Luna got wanderlust at an early age, leaving home at 21 to study art at a Hong Kong academy, and finding stripping and webcamming along the way. Now that she's twerked her amazing ass into the XXX industry, this Latina bombshell is exploring her public sex and masturbation fetishes for all the world to see, and loving every hot and heavy minute. A firm believer in keeping it real, Luna only works with feminist companies that value natural models and show real orgasms. While she's focused on keeping her lusciously curvy form in tip-top shape with a steady diet of yoga and pole dancing, this multi-tasking sexpot also loves football and fashion, and can often be found with her perfect nose stuck in the newest bestseller. In 2015, Luna published her first book, Sexual Exchange, detailing her world travels and search for interesting sex on other continents.
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