Tina Kay is a British bombshell who's a veteran vixen in the adult film industry. Known for her flirty, fun attitude and fantastic ass, Tina's pleasantly plump and pale booty is the focus of many a fan's pervy fantasies. Combined with her gorgeous green eyes, saucy smile, and bangin' bod (complete with natural D-cups), it's no surprise that this seasoned starlet has stayed one of the most sought-after performers in the biz! Born in Lithuania and raised in the UK, Tina now lives in Birmingham. After being discovered by a talent agency, Miss Kay made her pornographic debut in 2005 and has been making fiery adult films ever since. No stranger to fetishes, kinkiness, orgies, and playing rough, this lusty lass has no limits! A passionate performer with men and women alike, she loves to be domineering with the ladies and saucily submissive with her male co-stars. A genuine sex kitten with a real passion for porn, Miss Kay jokes about performing for the rest of her life. When she's not getting steamy on set, Tina can be found connecting with fans and co-stars alike through her titillating Twitter page. She's also got a special talent for horseback riding and stays fuckably fit by hiking and ice-skating. So keep an eye out for Tina's scorching-hot scenes, because it's not every day that you find an all-natural knockout!
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