Despite her model looks and sweet demeanor, Violet Starr describes herself as a "doe-eyed, bubble butt, curvy little slut." And while she may look like a centerfold and move like a beauty queen, Violet has an insatiable sexual appetite and a body that refuses to quit. That's how it's always been for Violet, who has been a horny exhibitionist for as long as she can remember. Sure, stripping helped pay this Florida native's way through college, but for Violet, it was all about the experience of being the center of attention. Even though her routines involved acrobatics as well as pole dancing, stripping soon wasn't enough for this saucy minx, so she took the advice of a friend and transitioned into camming. Now, she is a superstar on the rise in the porn business, which she describes as "living in a candy shop." Indeed, if you haven't seen Violet Starr yet, you're in for a treat!
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